Poets are just kids who didn't make it
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"Bliss and misery
misconstrue my mind.
Like a lone wild flower
sprung from the trash
of a misinformed savage
a foreign heart guides you
blindly to destruction.
And don’t forget about
the eyes,
the eyes, the eyes, the eyes;
they prey
internally on you,
avoiding physical damage
but confirmed
by the untimely beats
in my chest."
Julia Taylor
"Barefoot on a summers night,
lack of sleep submerges you
into a trance.
The same question
clings to you mind-
who could love someone
so hideous.
But I have seen you under
the moonlight,
and in that light I have seen
real beauty.
only once,
though in my eyes
it will forever stay.
Do not think falsely of my love."
Julia Taylor
"The gate swings freely
for any mind that needs
a little freedom.
I’d rather be chained
than have a false liberation.
Send me to the mad house
upon cloud cuckoo,
it differs none from this air around me
resembling a cage.
Moonlight strikes your dilated eyes,
allowing the blood shot truth
to be revealed.
Singing the songs of your
high society,
everybody’s faded."
Julia Taylor
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